As a full-scale innovator and provider, we specialize in cutting-edge technologies such as 5G networks (including private networks), 5G Gateways, smart poles, automated drone systems, and AI software for various detection purposes. We are ready to collaborate to transform every city in Thailand into a Smart City.

5G Network

We provide comprehensive services ranging from network design, 5G network installation, to assisting in integrating missiles with your IoT devices using our “Ultimate 5G Gateway.” Designed to accommodate various use cases, we offer consultation services backed by real-world experience in deploying and managing 5G networks in Thailand.

AI Solution

AI is no longer a distant concept. Our R&D team has developed systems for face recognition, license plate recognition, and object recognition, enabling data processing and application in security systems or leveraging AI for marketing purposes.

IOT Developer

We can transform the functionality of offline devices to online through IoT devices, enabling them to collaborate with web or mobile applications that we develop.



Embark on a journey into the realm of smart connectivity through our latest generation Ultimate 5G Gateway, leveraging the power of 5G networks. With blazing speeds of up to 7.5Gbps download capability, it supports the 26GHz mmWave spectrum, ensuring unparalleled connectivity for your needs.

MEMO Face Scan

Our facial recognition robot is equipped with advanced features including face scanning, temperature detection, and logging of entry and exit data. Additionally, it comes with barrier arms for access control, setting it apart from other facial recognition systems. Its versatility allows it to be deployed for various applications such as monitoring entry gate security, tracking employee activities, or serving as a receptionist at stores or companies.

Smart Home

The innovation that applies AI in security monitoring under the brand “Watchful” provides surveillance for individuals you care about within the Smart Home environment. It comes with a set of sensors and emergency assistance buttons. Additionally, it includes an AI system that analyzes data from closed-circuit cameras, sending notifications via the Line application.

Ultimate 5G

Explore the future of connectivity with our Ultimate 5G Gateway. Enjoy speeds up to 7.5Gbps downloads and seamless connectivity on 26GHz mmWave spectrum.

Memo Face Scan

Meet our facial recognition robot, equipped with face scanning, temperature detection, and entry/exit logging. With barrier arms for access control, it’s versatile for entry gate security, employee tracking, or as a receptionist in stores or companies.


Introducing “Watchful,” an AI-powered security monitoring innovation for Smart Homes. Equipped with sensors and emergency buttons, it ensures surveillance for loved ones. Its AI system analyzes CCTV data and sends notifications via the Line app for added security.

5G Smart Pole

The innovation of smart streetlights integrates the latest technologies including AI-powered cameras for object and person detection, sound distribution systems, sensors for measuring air temperature and PM 2.5 levels, LED screens for advertising and public announcements, and data transmission via 5G networks.

Autonomous Drone 5G

The innovation we’ve developed pushes drone capabilities to the next level by integrating advanced AI for object and person detection, as well as tracking. It also features autonomous flight planning capabilities. Importantly, it utilizes 5G frequency for precise control and high-definition image transmission.

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